Syracuse Speedskating welcomes skaters of all ages and all ability levels.

Syracuse Speedskating holds practice for all levels Tuesdays and Thursdays

beginning at 5:15pm and ending at 6:45pm

Try Speedskating Tuesday: SSC offers the opportunity to try speed speed skating at no charge the first Tuesday of every month December-March. New skaters will be provided skates for two practices and be guided on-ice by nationally certified coaches and trainers.  No specialized equipment is required for these sessions. Skaters are required to bring a helmet (bicycle), knee pads, neck guard and gloves (any).  Long pants and long sleeves must be worn to cover any exposed skin. (Optional but recommended equipment: eye protection, elbow guards, shin guards and ankle protection)

Location: All practices are held at Sunnycrest Ice Arena, 699 Robinson Street, Syracuse, NY

The first half of our practice focuses on the basics and provides both beginning and experienced skaters, age 12 and under, the skills they will need to progress in the sport. Coaches focus on proper skating position and technique in a fun and encouraging environment. Youth skaters compete as their skills and confidence improves.

The second half of practice is for experienced skaters over the age of 12 and, on occasion, younger skaters who have met criteria in ability, speed and “coachability.” Older beginning skaters will receive small group instruction while experienced skaters take part in intensive training designed for competitive success. Skaters focus on leg strength, endurance, form and starts.

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Syracuse Speedskating Full Season Registration Form


Practices are held at Sunnycrest Ice Arena 699 Robinson St., Syracuse, NY 

Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning November 2, 2023

Drop-in skate  $20 per session. Skaters may drop-in up to five times. After that, skaters must pay club membership fee of $25 to continue skating. Skater must be an enrolled member of US Speedskating. To drop in skate, please click the following link:


Skate rental is available for $75 per season. Must be paid in full along with a $50 deposit before skating. Deposit will be returned to you at the end of the season upon return of skates. Skate rental fees are not prorated.


Two free sessions for all new skaters, includes ice fees and skates. If you join the club after the two free sessions, your skating fees will be prorated for remaining sessions. Skate rental fees are not prorated.

REFUND POLICY  Skating, membership and skate rental fees are non-refundable


Register for US Speedskating first as you will need your membership number to complete the form below: Send signed Waiver, Code Of Conduct, Registration Form (if not registering online) signed check and copy of your current US Speedskating number and payment to the rink during a Syracuse Speedskating session.  We also accept payment via Venmo: @SSSC2018.