The fastest human-powered sport in the world!

Short Track – Long Track  (videos below)

Short track speed skating is a form of competitive skating on an oval ice surface. In competitions, multiple skaters skate on an oval ice track with an ideal circumference of 111.12 m. The rink itself is 60 m (200 feet) by 30 m (100 feet), which is the same size as an international-sized “olympic size” ice hockey rink. Many local and regional speedskating organization practice and compete on an “NHL Hockey size” arena due to the wide availability of these facilities.

Long Track events are held on larger ice surfaces designed specifically for speedskating competition. Top athletes pull up to 4 g’s on the turns.  Long track speedskating is one of the most  watched sports in the Winter Olympics.

Levels of Speedskating

Speed skating is a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. It combines fun and fitness and most importantly, friends. The skating community is very supportive of one another and encourages every skater, no matter at what level, to do their best.


Learn to Skate

Local clubs like Syracuse Speedskating host Learn to Skate programs to introduce the community to the sport. With the focus on fun, new skaters will learn about equipment & how to use it, basic rules and drills. Welcoming to all, this introduction may lead to competition. Yes, even those at the masters’ level (age 30 and over) may still compete!

Age Group Speedskating

The unique aspect of our sport is every single skater has begun their journey at a local club. Many Olympians will return to skate at the same practice session as the younger skaters. New skaters will work in the center of the ice performing basic drills and fine tune their technical skills. They may start to compete with their peers at local meets when ready.

Junior / Senior

As skaters progress, they may decide to challenge themselves by developing goals. For those who strive to compete nationally, training will become more focused & intense to reach goals and race time qualifications. These skaters will often follow programs designed by experienced competitor coaches to help the aspiring skater reach their full potential.


Some skaters show their talent, dedication and commitment to reach the elite level of the sport and will strive to earn a spot on a National Team, World Team, Olympic Team or all the above. It takes many hours of practice, training and competition to reach this level.

Syracuse Speedskating Club’s coaching staff includes both National and North American Speedskating Champions.  They have developed numerous national and international competitors as well as skaters who have achieved National Championships.

SHORT TRACK                                                                                       LONG TRACK

* Held on an Olympic sized hockey ri.                                                                             * Has been an Olympic event since 1924                                                                             
* Skaters race counterclockwise                                                                                       *considered the fastest human powered, non-mechanical sport in the world

*Pack or mass start, often referred to as NASCAR on ice                                             *Skaters compete on a 400m oval and race counterclockwise

* Individual or relay races                                                                                                   *Athletes compete in pairs and change lanes one per lap to equalize distance