Speedskate Rental

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Speedskating Equipment

Following is the typical equipment list for short track speed skating, approximate prices and resources.


Mandatory Gear

Helmet (standard bicycle helmets are acceptable)

Approx. $25 – $100

Neck Guard

Bib style (shown) required for all competitive skaters

Hockey style guards may be worn by new skaters

Approx. $15 – $40

Protective Gloves

Skaters must wear protective gloves made to protect against palm and backhand laceration from sharp skate blades. Baseball batting gloves and other sportswear glove are acceptable. Fingertip durability is a consideration as skaters often make left hand finger tip contact with the ice.

Approx. $12 – $50 and up

Knee Pads

Skaters often wear volleyball, basketball or wrestling knee pads

Knee pads should be fitted to be warn over clothing at practice to prevent knee holes in garments. Competitive skaters often wear skin suits with integrated pads or keep pads that can be worn under the suit.

Approx. $12 – $49



Speed skates are required while on ice for all participants.

Approx. Price $300 – $800

Rentals available through the Club or buy online.


Plastic skate guards

Approx. $10 -$25


Soakers for blade protection & safety while transporting.

Approx. $12 – $35