Syracuse Speedskating Club Membership, Code of Conduct, Liability and Skate Rental Foms.

Membership Application

Membership Dues – $25 (USD) / $50 Family Maximum

Membership in the Syracuse Speedskating Club is open to all skaters, coaches, officials, parents/guardians and supporters of the SSC. Any prospective member who is under the age of 18 must have written permission or a parent or guardian.

The privileges and responsibilities of our members is outlined within the club’s by-laws and Code Of Conduct documentation on the website.  See the links in the upper right hand corer of our webpage.

All members (skating and non-skating) must submit the Code Of Conduct form and the club waiver.

Please click on the images below to download required documentation:  If you have ALREADY REGISTERED ALL SKATERS ONLINE, skip the Registration Form and proceed to the following documents: (1) Membership Application, (2) Code of Conduct, and (3) Club Liability Waiver. Print a copy for all members and remit a signed copy of each to the Club along with the Skate Rental Form (if necessary) and payments required. 

The Registration Form is NOT required if you have already registered all skaters online.

You must register with US Speedskating prior to Registering to skate with Syracuse Speedskating.

Registration Form

Membership Application

Club Code of Conduct

Club Liability Waiver

Skate Rental Form